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Case #2 : Process


Resto Manger is a popular lunch and breakfast chain of restaurant incorporated in Kansas City. One of their specialties is the French crepe. They have been in business for a long time. Crepes are their cash cow (Generate the big revenue). However, there have been receiving complain from customers not being happy with the quality of the crepe in a lot of their chains.

Resto Manger being a big chain of restaurant has process document on how to cook their specialties. The legendary Chef Timo himself wrote down the procedure on how to make the crepe at Resto Manger many years back. Due to his old age, Chef Timo cannot longer cook. Afraid that they might lose their cash cow, Resto Manger chain hires ABN to perform an GAP analysis of their crepe cooking process across their 30 locations in various location in the US

Statement of Work (SOW)

  • Client : Resto Manger

  • Scope of Work : To perform a GAP analysis of Operation Processes

  • Deliverable : GAP analysis document with plan of action

  • Hours : 40

  • Talent :Consultant ABC

Consultant task

  • Manager Mark Brown emailed you to let you know that he booked your hours for a quick fun project at a major restaurant chain in Kansas City

  • Later on he send you details on the project and task on hands

  • Task :

  • Task 1 : Schedule an appointment with Kansas City Local Manager to introduce yourself

  • Task 2: Schedule time to perform a walkthrough of the crepe cooking process

  • Deliverable :

  • Narrative of the cooking process due in 48 hours

  • Confirming Narrative

  • Flow chart

  • Manager MB, I Know you might not have great exposure to designing flow chart just give it a shot. The firm has few resources or you can just google it. But be budget conscious


  • The link below is the recording of the crepe cooking process.


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